Working With Lollipop Box Club!

I had an exciting month in April here at Happy Scatter HQ – as I was cutting and packing lots of stencils for a new collaboration with the Lollipop Box Club! You can see the mini starburst stencil I made for their May kit here:

I also made some exclusive stencils for the Lollipop Box Club shop, a ‘Sprinkled Hearts’ stencil, and a ‘Sprinkled Stars’ stencil.

I was delighted when Lisa Saunders, the owner of Lollipop Box Club, asked me to work with her. I’ve been a follower of her blog & career for a long time, and have always loved her fun and colourful style! Lisa has also kindly welcomed me onto the Creative Team for the club, so you’ll be seeing some projects on here using the kits!

Here’s a bit about Lisa and the club so you can get to know them..
Hi. I’m Lisa.

Wife to 1, Mum to 2.I originally started up my first business when my youngest was 18mths old. That was 13yrs ago.I’d given up working for an airline after he was born and I just needed to do something. I loved being at home with my kids, but I wanted to ‘do’ something.

I started selling my handmade cards and photo albums which really took off. I was often asked at craft fairs if I made wedding stationery, so the card and photo album business soon became a wedding stationery business. Funky Fairies. It took off straight away and we converted the garage in to a studio for me to work from. I soon had 8 people working for me and I juggled kids and working from home.

I always felt like I was a stay at home mum, I helped with reading at school at every morning, I helped on all the class trips, I never missed an assembly or sports day, but I still had the fulfilment of having a successful business. 

About 3 years ago I was getting very tired of weddings. People get so wound up over the smallest of things, all the last minute changes and sometimes irrational behaviour. But over the years it’s my scrapbooking and arts that I felt have kept me sane. I just love to make and create. For years I’ve worked on various design teams and I’ve received many different monthly kits. 
It came to me one evening that I would love a monthly box of all things that I love. Not just crafty bits, but cute stationery and other fun stuff too. I love receiving monthly packages & surprises in the post….just 3 months later I was sending out my first 100 Lollipop Box Club kits and they sold out.

Now 2 years on and I just love what I do.I love putting the kits together and finding new things to go in them. I love inspiring people and showing people how to use the kits.

I just love it all and it makes me so happy.   I’m so grateful to everyone who joins the Lollipop Box Club. It’s important to me that the club remains very personal and I hand write a note to everyone who buys a kit. I feel like my kit club is my extended family!

Do check out the Lollipop Box Club Blog:, Facebook Page:, and Instagram: to see more!

Jennifer x

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