Welcome back to Happy Scatter!

Hello! Welcome back to Happy Scatter after rather a long break. Happy Scatter was closed all last year (2020), and here’s why…

At the start of 2020 we (my husband Alex, our two kids Annabell and Calister, and I) had to move out of our rented house (the landlords wanted to sell it). We were planning to buy a house with Alex’s parents at some point later in the year, so we decided to try living in a van for a while, rather than renting another house. Alex converted an ex-council minibus into a campervan, and we moved into it in February 2020 (if you want to know more about that you can see our van instagram here: Wheely Happy Home). I’d planned to keep working from the van and from a friend’s house (she let me keep our laser printer there too).

Then of course in March the whole world changed. On Mother’s Day a campsite attendant told us we had to leave the next morning because all campsites would be closing. We knew we wouldn’t be able to live in a van during lockdown without any campsite facilities, and as the schools were closed we didn’t need to stay nearby (we lived in Wareham, Dorset), so we moved in with my Mum and Dad in Kent. When it became obvious that lockdown was going to last a long time my sister (and her dog) moved in too, so she wasn’t on her own. They have enough bedrooms for us to all have our own rooms, and they live across the road from a beach. I am so thankful they opened their home to us in our hour of need!

Here’s our extended lock-down 2020 family:

I didn’t want to take over their whole house with my business, so most of my business items were packed away into storage. I just took enough with me to continue to supply Lisa at Lollipop Box Club with some bits and pieces for the kits each month – I am so glad I was able to keep doing that as I would have missed it so much otherwise!

Here’s some journal cards I made for the ‘Take Me Away’ Lollipop Box Club Kit last summer:

My Happy Scatter SVGS Shop was still open, as I didn’t need any supplies for that except my ipad to draw on and laptop to convert the designs to SVGS.

During our time in Kent I managed to do a bit of scrapbooking and card making, here’s a few of the bits I made:

At the end of August we moved back into another rented house in Dorset, ready for the kids to go back to school in September. Our plans to buy a house with Alex’s parents has been delayed, and I didn’t want to try living in a van again – as we didn’t know when another lockdown might happen, and I missed my businesses too much!

In our new place I don’t have a separate business room, so it took a while to work out how to fit it all into one end of our living / dining room. We managed to squeeze most of it in eventually, though there’s also a lot stored in a cupboard under the stairs! Here’s what my work space looks like:

The wooden box on the table is something Alex made for me when I decided I needed to re-photograph all my stock. It has LED strip lights around the inside to help me take nice bright images, and there’s a frame above to attach my camera to. He’s so clever! When it’s not in use we put it away, as the table is our dining table!

I didn’t manage to open Happy Scatter at the end of last year as I opened my other business (Gifting Moon) first, and it was crazy busy – there were a couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas where I was getting 75-100 orders a day. You can imagine I was rather tired out!

I did manage to make some Christmas cards and tags though:

After Christmas was over I thought I’d have more time, but then we then found out there was another lock-down, so home-schooling has slowed me down. But I’ve been taking lots of photos and updating the website ready to re-open. My regular stock is now ready to purchase again here: https://happyscatter.com/shop/

I’ve also been designing lots of new things, but they haven’t been added to the shop yet. I’m going to have a new-product launch on Friday the 5th of March, so look out for that! Here’s something that will be coming – mini alpha stickers in a variety of colours:

I hope you are pleased to see Happy Scatter back in action. I’ve got lots of things I want to write about on the blog, and I hope to get a creative team at some point to help me show off the products, so keep an eye out for more to come!

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