New Product Alert!

Hey there! I’ve been adding lots of new products to the shop lately, so I thought I’d show you some of them…

Rainbow Colours Happy Scatter

So bright and colourful, right?! The above pic is an example of my ‘rainbow colours’ colour variation. I’ve picked 21 core colours (plus black and white), and arranged them into some colour variations, to help you choose designs which will co-ordinate together. For more information on my colour variations click HERE. But for now here’s a photo of the tags ephemera from the ‘flourish colours’ variation: 

And the ‘camera click’ ephemera in the ‘natural world’ colour variation:

I’ve also added some tropical and galaxy alphas, which I designed last summer, and only just got round to listing.

These don’t use the core colours, as I designed them before I came up with that plan! However the tropical alphas co-ordinate best with the rainbow colours, and the galaxy alphas co-ordinate best with the natural world colours.

Do you see anything that sparks some ideas? I have so many more things I want to make – too many plans and not enough time!

I’ve also started doing some tik tok videos, if you want to check me out on there I’m @jennifergracecreates.

Bye for now,


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