Congratulations Card using the Wood Slice Stencil

Today I’ve got a brand new card to show you, using the Wood Slice Stencil with some vibrant paint & texture paste – read on for a tutorial…

Here’s how to make it:

Step 1: Take a 6″ square white card blank, your stencil, a palette knife, an old credit card, some texture or embossing paste, acrylic paint, and removable spray-on adhesive – plus don’t forget to protect your work surface:

Step 2: Use the pallet knife to blob three lots of texture paste onto your non-stick mat (or use a paint pallet or old plate) and add a blob of different colours of paint next to each one – it should not be more than a ratio of 1:1 – less paint is better for texture, but you’ll also end up with a less saturated hue, so start with a tiny amount of paint if you’re not sure, and add a little at a time: 

Step 3: Use the pallet knife to mix the paints with the texture paste, in individual colours:

Step 4: Spray some removable adhesive onto the back of your stencil and after a minute or so (letting the adhesive go tacky) stick the stencil onto the card blank. If there’s any areas you are worried you’ll get paste where you don’t want it, then just cover them up with a scrap piece of paper. Use an old credit card to start spreading the paste through the stencil:

Step 5: Keep going with the different colours of paint until you are happy with the effect:

Step 6: Peel the stencil off and wash it straight away – wipe off the excess with a baby wipe or damp cloth then clean the rest off with hot water and soap. 

Leave the card to dry, preferably overnight to give it time to dry completely:

Step 7: Finish your card off with any extra details you want. I stamped the word ‘congratulations’ onto a piece of wood grain patterned paper, then adhered that to the center of the card using foam tape. I freehand drew a border around the corners, then added a few enamel dots to finish it off:

I love how the texture paste makes the card so dimensional – one of the things I was sure about when choosing stencil material to cut my stencils from was that it had to be thick (I use 250 Micron Mylar) so that the impression would be good when using texture paste:

What do you think? Do the bright colours work with the wood slice stencil or do you think I should have stuck to brown?

Click below to see the stencil in the shop:

I’ll be back next week with another Happy Scatter project, thanks for stopping by!
Jennifer x

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