Colour Variations

Rainbow, Flourish, and Natural World Colours

At Happy Scatter a lot of my printed products fall into 3 colour variations – ‘Rainbow’, ‘Flourish’, and ‘Natural Colours’.

Here’s a bit more about why, and what they look like …


I wanted to use some core colours to design my printed items, so that customers can order ephemera or stickers, and know that they will work well together with items they’ve bought from me before.

I came up with 21 colours (plus black and white to make 23 in total). I had to get the colours to work harmoniously on my iPad, PC, and printer, so it took a while to get them right, but I ended up with these colours:

Mini Alpha Stickers Happy Scatter All Colours

I divided them up into 3 lots of 7 colours to make the 3 colour variations (plus the black and the white for accent colours).

Here’s how the mixes of ephemera, alphabets, and stickers look together in their colours…

Rainbow Colours:

Rainbow Colours Happy Scatter

The rainbow colours are Bubblegum Pink, Candy Apple Red, Sunset Orange, Dandelion Yellow, Grass Green, Azure Blue, and Royal Purple.

Flourish Colours:

Flourish Colours Happy Scatter

The flourish colours are Carnation Pink, Coral Pink, Lavender, Aquamarine Blue, Teal Blue, Parakeet Green, and Steel Grey.

Natural World Colours:

The natural world colours are Buttermilk, Tawny Brown, Chestnut Brown, Sky Blue, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, and Shadow Grey.

Will the colours always be the same?

The colours won’t always be exactly the same. Here’s why:

Printer woes:

Sometimes my printer prints things in a slightly different shade. It just decides to mix a bit more yellow into the grey one day, and a bit more blue into the grey the next day. There have been days when this has made me cry, shout, or (once-or-twice) kick it (it’s really big). However, I also love it, as it prints quickly, the colours are vibrant, and I can print on the card and paper that I like. So for now this is the printer I’m sticking with. 

I’ve made myself reference sheets, so I can check future prints against old ones, and I’ve learned to tweak the colours so they match as well as possible, and most of the time they are the same. But I can’t 100% promise that a sheet of grey alpha stickers will be exactly the same shade of grey as a sheet bought 3 months ago – it might be, or it might be ‘almost but not quite’ the same. I do promise to do my best!

Highlights and shades:

The stickers and ephemera are drawn on my ipad, and though I always start with the core colours, I will also lighten them for highlights, and darken them for shading, etc. I also use textures and effects so the images have depth and interest. All these will make the colours look a bit different – for example the tawny brown flowers on the sticker sheet are lighter than the tawny brown alphas. But they will still work together on a scrapbook page or other project!

Keeping it interesting:

I’m not going to always make the ephemera packs and stickers fit into one f these 3 colour variations. It will be too boring for me! For example, I want to make a beach themed kit, and that’s going to use colours from all 3. But I am going to stick to using the core 23 colours, for as long as I possibly can. So those sets will still be able to match with alphas and plain colour pieces you’ve bought before. 

Should a project only use one colour variation?

That’s up to you! 

I picked these 3 variations as I know some people love the bold and bright, some people like pretty and dreamy, some people like muted and earthy. But also, some people (me included) just love colour! So feel free to mix it up if you like – have fun with it!

If you have any more questions about the colours or anything else, do contact me!